Interviu cu trimisul rus pe lîngă NATO

13 martie 2011

„The thing is we don’t have any facts.”
„The footage we see on the american and british channels looks fake. They create an illusion of military action. Where are the aircraft, where are the bomb raids, where is the destruction and casualties we hear so much about? If all that is true, evidence should be now on the table of the security council.”
(nici la momentul votului nu a existat vreun raport al trimisului secretarului general ONU în Libia; s-a votat pe „dovezile” CNN & co. )

„We are not naive and well aware that some part of the special operations have long been done in Libya on the side of the opposition. Otherwise, Gaddafi to whom most of the army and police force are loyal could long have clamped down on the opposition. Since he has not done so yet it is a question of secret and illegal backing by special forces.”

Plus alte răspunsuri interesante.

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