Quants – o parte din adevărul despre marea minciună

„Economists think they are scientists so they come up with these what they call laws. They are not laws, laws of gravity – that’s a law, anything that Isaac Newton comes up with it’s a law, but when economists come up it’s just a framework, an idea, it may work, it may not – that’s not a law but they think they’re laws and so they build up this whole edifice of theory based upon this very shaky foundations and they get all sorts of nonsense coming out of it.”

„If people don’t complain now then it serves them right when the next financial crisis happens.”

„Banking is just about gambling on these numbers not realizing that behind these numbers there are real beings with jobs.”

Cum se numesc „idioții” care pariază pe parior ?
Răspuns: trădători.

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